SHIELD Christmas party

They're promising us snow!

Finally! We seem to be in a small section of US not currently having winter weather events. It's cold as fuck, sure. And maybe I don't need snow to get in the Christmas spirit but it sure as helps.

So yes, they (as in the National Weather Service) are saying my neck of the woods will be seeing snow on Sunday through Sunday night. At least three inches.

They better be right! I am vibrating with anticipation. Because I have Monday stay-at-home plans that involve making gingerbread cookies and watching Christmas movies, and if there's a goodly amount of snow on the ground, it'll make the day that much better.
overworked and all that

This weekend at the library

For the first time a guy told me he loved my Hawkeye necklace. Until this point, the only people who said that were teenage girls and women my age or younger. *belatedly fistbumps dude*

The necklace also grabbed the attention of a young boy who was prattling at me about how much he loves Minecraft."You would like Minecraft! It has bows and arrows and I see you like bows and arrows!" He told me in one rushed breath.

"Weeell, I like Hawkeye," I clarified.

"In Minecraft here's a Hawkeye skin! And when you play as Hawkeye your bow and arrow changes so it looks like Hawkeye's in the movie! And you get the crosshairs!"

And at this point I was a bit "OMG you're adorable and nerdy" but also "OMG we close in ten minutes, get out of here, kid!"

And today, of course it being a Sunday, the public elevator decided to stop working. So, spent my first hour or so getting the signage put up for the elevator being out of order as well as the directions to the staff elevator. Then there was trying to find and put up caution tape because even though the elevator wasn't moving, the doors would still occasionally open at the Ground Floor and I didn't want anyone by-passing the signs and still trying to get it.

Ran into a regular (some days he's a good regular, some days it can be trying esp when his girlfriend and their screaming babies are with him), who informed me that he was actually having some problems with his girlfriend and they were probably going to split up soon. "Well, that's too bad," I said sincerely.

"Yeah..." He agreed. "But if you're available, I'm free now!"

"AHAHAhAHA GTFO OUT RIGHT NOW!" I didn't say, but instead came out more as "Eh heh heh... I'll...keep that in mind?"

I mean, it wasn't the creepiest come-on (and I really can't say if it was genuine y'know?) I had at work. At least it was someone I was actually familiar with from previous interactions and not a stranger, and the comment wasn't grossly inappropriate. But still, dude, no. Move along.

And unfortunately, I'm not even looking forward to my day off tomorrow because I have stuff to do. Stupid adulthood. Bleagh, mebbe I'll put-off getting my oil changed another week. And apparently mother already did some vacuuming today so that lessens my load! It's also suppose to snow tomorrow so I think go to gym (Monday and Wednesday at the last days they're open ever, then they'll be closed :(), go to grocery store, then just stay home and watch.Robin of Sherwood!
hoorah!, squee!!!11!!1eleven, insanely happy

Today was defintely a success

managed to work a full Saturday! This is something I only manged once before in the past three months.

But look! No anxiety attacks, no nausea/dry-heaving, no crying!

Well, I think there's was about forty minutes where I was suddenly a bit iffy. But managed to get over it.

We were super busy. And all the computers were full for most of the day: Kids, Teen, adult, all the computers.

But as I realized that the day was almost over and I completely survived it, I felt so damn proud of myself that not even teens could ruin my mood. Then a patron with her kids came and gave staff treat bags with chocolates with a little note about "random acts of kindness" So yeah that's pretty fucking awesome, too!

Now I am home to fallumph and try not to eat all the chocolates at once. We'll see....
my aaaaangst

Urge to Commit Arson Rising

Aargh, what a weird and stressful day at work, compounded by me being in immense (menstrual) pain. Just agh so many people and things needing to be set on fire.

And my day hasn't gotten better, because one of the things I was looking forward to turned has now left me filled with RAGE. That being last night's episode of Person of Interest. You were my show. You were my show that never did anything that pissed me off. But boy, when you decided to, you did it big. And I don't even just mean the very end. There were several moments leaving pretty bad tastes in my mouth.

I don't even know what to do with myself. I need to watch something that will make me happy. Maybe Bourne Legacy. Hot dude. Shit gettin' blown up. Bad guys dying. Yeah, that sounds good.

And I look forward to tomorrow. Have the day off. Gonna go bet me some gingerbread latte, but a comic or two, and stay home rest of the day. Maybe working on fic, maybe start my Robin of Sherwood rewatch.

overworked and all that


On the one hand I am immensely impressed that my 16 year old cat is still amazing at catching mice

On the other hand, given the amount of mice she's been catching lately, we probably officially have a mouse "problem."

Or possibly not... Anymore. 
overworked and all that

Lady Plumbing

Saw the doctor today to express some concerns I've been having about my inner workings.

She's all "It's hormones."


"Probably hormones. This happens."


"Do you want another pap?"

"...yes please."

Internet self-diagnosing is a terrible, terrible tool when you're already anxiety prone, and your anxiety is worse because you're on your period.
morning bleargh

I am become Death, destroyer of sinuses

uuuuuuugh nooooooo cooooold.

Called off work, stayed home and downed hot liquids, Emergen-C, kept snacking because the body need fuel, but omg do I hate eating constantly. It feels like a bad habit. And despite the rest and hydration and vitaminizing, I feel worse as the day wears on. I tried napping, but uuugh my nose is so stuffy it just wasn't happening.

I even tried taking the time off work to write fic, and yeah not happening either. It's suppose to be a cheer-up fic for a friend and a bit for myself. A bit of h/c y'know? Where character A is having a bad week but love-interest character B helps make A feel better with fluff and ridiculousness. But found myself adding having a cold as to part of the character's bad week and started feeling bad for making him go through what I'm going through and had to stop for now.

Cannot wait until it's late enough for me to take some Nyquil and fall into oblivion.
overworked and all that

urrgle, I better not be sick

First figured that my scratchy throat was due to mother turning on the heating this morning, and therefore making the house dryer.

But the scratchiness has been pervasive ALL DAY! Booooo

Am having my second cup of tea with honey for the day right now, and will continue to down as much water as possible. C'mon immune system! I just gave you a flu vaccine* last week! Don't fail me now!

*Yes, I know flu vaccine does not protect against common cold which this could be and all. I just feel like since I made an active effort for my own wellness, my body could respect that and pay me back in kind.