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MacBeth (1998)

Starring Sean Petwee, Greta Scacchi, and Jack Davenport. In this production for Channel 4, the Scottish Play is set in a sorta distopian not-too-distant Future. And I'll confess I've only ever read MacBeth once and this is my first performance of it. But our two leads are quite fantastic. I mean wow, what a wonderful pair of crazies they make! Must confess was expecting it to be a bit more like Revenger's Tragedy, but should've known that nothing can live up to the kewlness of Revenger's Tragedy.

Firstly a few choice caps with captions

It just isn't a Shakespeare tragedy without Michael Maloney is it? Though first time I've seen him do Shakespeare that did not also feature teh Branagh.

Happy!Malcolm is happy.

Prolly because of hawt gun pr0nage.

Hi, Honey, I'm-


Female face leeches make Malcolm not-happy.

umm... in case you haven't already realized, I'm a touch Haematophilic. yeah.

MacBeth likes his coffee like his men...

YES! Just yay. Love the costume and the shades. Though why not also earring I'll never know. A nice gold earring (that I know he has) would just make it perfect.

Patented Pertwee chin rub!

Darling, stop being crazy! You're upsetting the dinner guests.

Oh Man, this entire "dream sequence" is so WTF with some dodgy CG. So cheesey flaming overlay not so bad.

Do you want me to play you the world's smallest violin?

SURPRISE RICHARD COYLE! I think he surprised himself, too.

Here MacDuff gives us a good view of the ill-advised costume decision of sporrans with trousers.

The final confrontation. I wonder if MacBeth will survive...

Hail to the King, baby.

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