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Screencaps: Hot Fuzz DVD extra

12 screencaps from the DVD extra "Fuzzball Rally: US Tour Piece" from when Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright did the press tour stateside.

Simon Pegg plays with himself

Sing with me: Cowboys are frequently, secretly, fond of each other....

Let's just say they really hate doing phone-interviews, and get bored easily.

I like this one not just for the spanking, but 'cause you can see Nick and Simon's matching tattoos.

stud. muffin.

Simon does Hollywood

re: my icon
text is from...well, it's something I heard in middle school actually and really stuck with me. These two girls in my class would skip and hold hands while sing-songing these words. I had thought maybe it was somesort schoolyard rhyme that has an unknown source, or maybe had an origin I didn't know of. But I tried looking it up, and maybe Megan and Lynsey really did just make it up on their own. Anyway, I think it sums up Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's relationship pretty fucking well.
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