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Oh man oh man oh Mann

I r watched Critters and A Chorus Line.

Ah, Critters i think I saw the first two movies on TV when I was but a wee lass. And I didn't remember a fucking thing about them. So yay for incentive to give em another go. We has the second movie at the library as well, but was checked out. :( yeah. Terrence Mann in this? Pretty. Like, girl!pretty. And I actually prefer the wig to his actual curly 80s hair he had back in them days.

Okay, first brief background for the uninit'd. Terry's character through the Critters film is an intergalactic bounty hunter named Ug. Ug is a shapeshifter and starts out life in this film with a featureless glow-in-the-dark head. To get the correct dominate-species forms for the planet the bounty hunters tracked the little fuzzballs to, they watch some telly. Ug likes the looks of Rock Star Johnny Steele.

Ug checks his prettiness.

uhm...partner guy? I think I did it wrong and am a girl now. What do you think?

Lots of leather and studs. It's an intergalactic bounty hunter's little black dress.

It took him far too long to get cast as Frank-N-Furter.

eyeliner! Lipstick! ♥♥♥

You can download his strangely addictive and catchy 80s-tastic song "Power of the Night" Here, courtesy of selmak's Mann shrine Hrothbert of Bainbridge.

A Chorus Line interestingly enough doesn't actually feature Terry showing of his vocal talents and minimal dancing. I know fans of the stage show really seem to hate this movie, and what I've read in terms of changes in over-all theme, it's understandable. But unfamiliar as I am with the show I enjoyed the movie enough. Though I'd say the first 20 minutes were the best. Pretty much lots of non-stop dancing with Terrence Mann counting off, giving directions, and pretty much being a choreo-Nazi. fun.


My derision

u haz it.


They all suck!

young men just fling themselves at him! Luckily for them, he is a good catch.



I has a hat!

No, don't look at the girls in the tiny outfits.

lookat me! me! me!

Oh! And I also downloaded an episode of Law & Order with him in. Thank God it's 2001 one, and his hair is white and God intended.

He's a lawyer. He cares about ur monkeys. (actually one of those animal rights lawyers that try to claim that experiments on animals is like when we enslaved Africans. *Jabs his eyes with a spork*)

huh, suddenly I'm really hungry.
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