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Sapphire & Steel Screencap Recap. Assignment 1 pt.1

Hey remember these? And how I never got around to doing the first and the fourth assignments? No? Oh. Well, here I am anyway going back and finishing the job I started two years ago or more.

Assignment 1 is not one I had watched more than once. I guess I had been avoiding it because I remember really really hating those kids. But now that I have seen it again, it is Quite Good. It stands up as one of the best stories really. Great atmosphere, good pacing. The most explanation of Things I think we really get in one go. It is of course also weird going back to the beginning after seeing the rest. Certain elements that don't get used after, a couple character traits that seem off. Well, I'll tell you all about as we go.

We start with a boring boy doing boring things.

He lives in a house full of clocks. How fucking annoying that must be.

The boring boy has a boring sister who likes nursery rhymes

But then ALL THE CLOCKS STOP. *whistles eerily*

Some light pulsates and spooky noises are heard. That's when we cut to the opening that makes no fucking sense. I'm pretty sure my reaction over 20 years later was the same as the people seeing for the first time on telly: "W...T...F?"

Mummy and Daddy are gone! D:

Abandonment makes me cold.

Take a moment to establish they're secluded.

He called the police but got a douche instead.

Sapphire's a bit bitchy "idiot police man with idiot notebook." Not quite so sympathetic towards simple humans as she comes off later.

pretty glowy eyes.

They start talking a lot of shit.

God, I hate these kids. That must be why I loved Steel right away. I was glad he was a dick and made the little girl cry. BUAHAHAHA

Sapphire tries to explain the concept of Time and how it operates in this universe. Explain all you want lady, it still means nothing. Time is a corridor, time breaks through and takes things and people.

First telepathic moment. Braaaaaain sex.

Recreating the "crime scene."

Damn you Stephen Fry, you negated all this with your "Oh hoho, but "'Ring a Ring o' Roses' didn't come from the plague-era!"

Other era ppl appear

and OMG WTF is that



Saying the rhyme backwards makes it all go away."Down fall all we"

UNF. sexy time nao?

Then Sapphire pulls a Romana II and uses Time as a wardrobe. And kinda like the scene from "Destiny of the Daleks" It's something that doesn't quite fit with the rest of the show. I suppose her talking about how her clothes aren't real is indicative of how they themselves may not be naturally corporeal? I dunno. PJ Hammond, if I ever meet you I will force you to make answers to all these fucking questions.

Steel takes time out to scare everyone going on about creatures in the corridor of time.

stupid child thinks freaky-ass images were fun and recites the rhyme again to make them appear.

And thus starts all the weirdness over again.

Sapphire unlocks the door with her glowy eyes. Odd, Steel's quite good at magically unlocking doors in the Fourth assignment. Clue that their individual skills are developed, not necessarily inate? And I thought I took a cap of that, but I seem to have lost it. Sorry.

Steel attacks Time with a teddy bear. Manly!

Dodgey Special Effeeeeeeeeeeeect!

Then gets angry at the little girl because she'd dared memorize nursery rhymes! Shock and Horror.

The angrier he gets, the more annoying he becomes.

The next morning Steel is boarding up the room with the Time Break. Yeah, that'll keep it from spreading. (I know, it's to keep the kids out...)

The little girl is rather creepily calm about all this and accepting of these strangers just coming along and taking care of them.

In this scene we are told that Sapphire is the diplomat "the one who sweet-talks kids like that"

A Policemanofficer arrives, but Sapphire loops time so that Rob can't communicate with him. "What's all this then?" "What's all this then?" "What's all this then?" "What's all this then?"

He is very trusting. "Why hello strange little man I've never seen before. Boy calls last night, says his parents have disappeared, but I'll look into it no further since you say you're a friend of the family and I don't see the children anywhere. Bye then!"

Sapphire tries to explain her ability to take time back as being like a rubber ball bouncing, momentum. And what she does is working with the momentum of a moment in time. They do try to explain their timey-whimey ways to an extent.

Steel takes over the "youngest" room in the house, emptying it of anything too old (meaning everything thanks to recycling).

Stop getting so close to each other's faces if you're not going to make sexah time. You're such teases.

Time gets clever and imitates Mum. Tells Rob to kneel at the door and recite a nursery rhyme to let her out. "I'm too old to say nursey rhymes!" Is his excuse. pfft.

He recites "Goosey Goosey Gander" which brings about apparitions of roundhead soldiers I think.

They ghostily enter the room and out comes a bit of light.'s British, it's the 70s, all they have budget for are torches shining light on the floor. okay?

Sapphire and Steel get to see the soldiers, too, and Rob cops a feel.

That pesky Time Light is on the move and takes residence in a picture.

Sapphire speculates that the soldiers are no threat in themselves.

"It's history gone wrong, and we've never had that before," she says right before disappearing.

Steel gets cute and panicky. He can still to her, and reminds her to remember she is still in the house with them, and not allow herself to become "a part" of wherever it is she's ended up.

They figures out "It" (Time Light) wants her to think she's in a room in the cottage in the painting.

So...the Light thing is in the picture. It took her in some way to make Sapphire believe she's in the picture, and she shouldn't move and try to remember reality otherwise she'll get stuck there. I guess. Ugh. WTF, I dunno.

Boys, do you have a plan?

No? Fuck,

Sapphire and Steel together(!) try and take time back. "It's no good! It's in here with me! ...I can't win."

"You don't have to win, Sapphire. Can you hold it for two minutes, can you give me two minutes?"

His plan? Steal and eat all the ice cream! BUAHAHA!

But of course, I jest.

Hey, it's got friends now!

The two lights merge with the soldiers, making it possible for them to go get at Sapphire.

Steel displays an ability to rewire, build, and upgrade shit. Something that we only sorta see again in the Fourth assignment.

Steels come out from playing with the deepfreeze. Rob comments "you're freezing!" and Steel says noone's to touch him.

Oh noes! The soldiers, they're coming for her! History is being repeated a girl being killed and Time wants her to be that girl!

Steel freezes the picture!

Bringing back Sapphire!

But also ohnoes! The soldiers!

But Steel freezes them as well and gets rid of them!

So what did Steel just do there? "He reduced his temperature to -273.1 degrees." Near absolute zero.

Aaaaw, trying warm him up. Come on, Sapphire, I'm sure you know ways to warm him up *wink wink nudge*

Haha! We've trapped a bit of Time Light in the deepfreeze.

Oh yeah, a little rub time. That's what I'm talkin' about.

Stay tuned for Part II.
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