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More Man from UNCLE picsspam that does not include bondage

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They are just too cute yet also hawt. A very strange combination that both McCallum and Vaughn manage AND I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. And I must admit, I really don't care for episodes that features only one or the other (or where one is not in as much). Early Illya-less episodes I find as dull as episodes where it's more Illya on his own ("Bow Wow" and "Survival School") for they are the greatest when together. They're a team, they're partners, BFFs (and moar!), and too adorable.

one of my earliest fave moments: hanging out in the Waverly's office and having martinis

From "Fiddlesticks" in which they congrat each other one their awesome plan, toast to their probable deaths, and the girl in the room feels MUCH ignored. bwahahaha, sorry lady. More interested in each other than you.

sharing a smile behind the boss' back.

Sharing a smirk in front of the boss.

Nonchalantly letting themselves be discovered.

Their poses in this moment I think says everything about their character.

Ah the famous "I thought you liked blonds" moment. The flirting in this show! So overt!

What personal space?

Casing the place out, checking for hiding fangirls.

More beautiful, casual closeness. Oh, I should mention: MAD love for Illya's glasses.

Season 3, while filled with the worst episodes (though season 2's "The Indian Affairs Affair" is also unwatchable), but does have a good amount of fanservice. Illya-related fanservice.

Like say....stripping off.

Not to mention how sometimes Illya's undercover work seemed more like....roleplay fantasies.


Tennis Instructor.


College student.

and the like

Then there are the times when Illya will wear wire-rim glasses, really making him look like a baby!Ducky

Most disturbingly is that he REALLY comes-off looking just like his most recent character is when Illya is undercover as Nazi.

Oooh, Napoleon roughed-up a bit and disheveled. Verrrrrrry niiice

They are the epitome of cool

The best thing in "The Return of the Man from UNCLE" is Napoleon sizzling the streets in styyyyyle in this gorgeous three-piece suit with read lining!

Now I think we should leave them. For Illya has a rope and a plan ;)
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