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Sergeant/Inspector Lewis Appreciation Week

So....for the past few weeks I have been blathering on about the series Inspector Morse, and more specifically the character of Robbie Lewis, who has gone on to get his own show, Inspector Lewis (as it is known in the States, just Lewis in the UK). For the uninitiated, I would like to show you why in a series of screencaps. But I did make a lot, and decided to break them up in differently themed posts as to Why I Love Him.

But first, and most importantly, I love him because he is very very cute. He is made of puppies and rainbows and sunshine.
Just look at his wee, adorable, puppy face!


Reason #1 I love Lewis and so should you:

Gotta love a man with an oral fixation.

He does like those tiny pencils

Note to self: Do not borrow pencils from Sgt. Lewis for taking notes. *looks at pencil* Dammit!

The pencil-chewing is a habit that sadly fades out before the end, and does not continue today. Although, I suppose it would be a bit more unseemly for a senior officer to be sticking things in his mouth all the time. But before the end, it wasn't just tiny pencils. Pens and fingers ended up between his teeth.

Stay tuned for Reason #2: Utter Adorkability.
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