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For your convenience, and mine, quick links to all my fanfiction, vids, and other fanworks here on LiveJournal


Stargate: SG1
-Everytime. Jack/Daniel; "Absolute Power" AU
-Distraction. Jonas/Rodney. "Redemption" missing scenes
-Leading Me to Conclude. Daniel and Oma. Implied Jack/Daniel
-Out of the Blue. Daniel, Gen. Before being found in "Fallen"
-Money's Worth. Daniel/Vala
-All the Trappings of the Season. Daniel/Vala
-New Toys. Original Team Gen

Doctor Who
-Priorities. Three/The Brig
-All That's Left. Ten/Simm!Master (end of series 3 AU 'cuz I got Jossed)
-The Time Lord with Two Breasts. Lumley!Doc/Pryce!Master (Curse of the Fatal Death)
-Killing Loneliness. Ten/Simm!Master ('nother end of series 3 AU 'cuz I got Jossed)
-Love Interrupted. Theta/Koschei, Five/Ainley!Master, and Ten/Simm!Master(again Jossed)
-The Domestic Disputes of Time Lords. Ten/Simm!Master AU (this time on purpose)
-A Show of Restraint Yana/Chantho, sorta unrequited
-The Web. Eight/Jacobi!Master. A meeting during the Time War
-Wipe Out the Noise. Eight and Jacobi!Master as the War ends.
-In the Peripheries. Ten/Yana; a moment of familiarity
-A Lovely Day for a Picnic. Eleven, Amy/Rory; planet of Giant Things
-Jingle Bells, Mistletoe, Aliens, and other Christmas Traditions. Third Doctor UNIT gen
More of my Doctor Who fanfic can be found at A Teaspoon and an Open Mind

-The Definition of Not-Normal. Sherlock/John UST
-A Matter of Perspective. Gen. Sally, John.
-For What It's Worth. Sherlock/John; post-"The Great Game"
-Never Known a Girl Like You. Sherlock/John; cross-dressing!Sherlock
-A Flip Through the Family Album. Sherlock/John; Christmas with Mummy
-Those Four Little Words. Sherlock/John

Tron and Tron: Legacy
-Downtime. Tron/Clu; fluffy non-evil times
-Dinner and a Movie. Sam/Tron; Trying to have a "normal" date in the User world
-Make Me Whole. Flynn/Tron; Post-Legacy h/c
-Don't Lick Foreign Objects. Gen; Whatever happened to Lora's orange
-Or is It Just You? Flynn/Alan; Is it hot in here...

Life on Mars
-Fool Proof. Sam/Gene
-Dinner Music. Sam/Gene
-Communication. Sam/Maya; Sam/Mobile
-Time of Death. x-over with Sapphire and Steel. Gen

Robin of Sherwood
-Expectations. Sheriff/Guy; Christmas
-Transition of Power. Philip Mark/Guy; "Sheriff of Nottingham" missing scenes
-Sanctuary. Philip Mark/Guy; "Time of the Wolf" AU

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
-The Gay Christmas Tree. Harry/Perry
-Going to the V-E-T. Mostly Gen
-The Joy of Cooking. Harry/Perry
-This Week's Issue of The National Enquirer. x-over with Iron Man. Harry/Perry; Perry/Tony

Strangers with Candy
-Double Entendre. Chuck/Geoffrey; popsicles in the teacher's lounge
-Getting in Touch with Nature. Chuck/Geoffrey, "hunting" trip

The Professionals
-In the Tolkein Sense. Bodie/Doyle; elf!Doyle
-Now Accepting Requests. Bodie/Doyle; St. Patrick's Day
-The Christmas Spirit. Bodie/Doyle; CI5 Christmas party

Nathan Barley
-Break the Silence. Dan/Jones; Claire doesn't understand her brother anymore
-I'll Get Back to You As Soon As Possible. Dan/Jones; another way Claire finds out

The Mighty Boosh
-Calm During the Storm. Howard/Vince; Vince is scared of thunderstorms
-Never Been Much Chop at All That Sensual Stuff. Howard/Vince; episode tag for "The Party"

The 4400
-What You Leave Behind. Kevin/Tess; Tess between "Wake-Up Call" and "The Ballad of Kevin and Tess"
-The Third Date. Kevin/Tess; Tess and kissing.
-Making Christmas. Kevin/Tess; Tess tries to bring a touch of Christmas cheer to the 4400 center.
-Memento Amare. Kevin/Tess; Valentine's Day tooth-rot fluff.

-The Eye of the Storm. Herbert/Dan; Dan mopes, Herbert is a manipulative bastard.
-Professional Conduct. Herbert/Dan; Prequel to "Eye of the Storm." Dan takes care of Herbert during withdrawal.
-A Jungle Hook-Up. Herbert/Dan; Peru PWP
-Role Reversal. x-over with Star Trek: Deep Space 9; Dan's a Changeling and Herbert's a Vorta. crack!fic.
-I Love You, Don't Touch Me. Herbert/Dan; Dan likes Valentine's Day, Herbert does not.
-A Doctor's Touch. Pre-slash. Dan tends to Herbert's cat wounds.

Re-Animator/From Beyond: Bro-verse
-It's the Thought That Counts. Herbert/Dan UST. Dan tries to take twin brothers, Herbert and Crawford, out for a nice birthday dinner.
-A Question of Perception. Herbert/Dan UST; Dan/Crawford UST. Crawford spends a night at Herbert and Dan's house.
-Change of Plans. Herbert has an accident so Crawford has to pretend to be him.
-Burning Glances, Turning Heads. Dan tries to a have nice Herbert-less Halloween
-On the Open Road Dan and the twins take a road trip.
-The First Step is Admitting It. Thanksgiving with the West family.
-The Perks. Dan and Herbert try to consummate their relationship on Christmas
-With Friends (and Family) Like These.... New Year's Eve. Dan gets drunk, Herbert gets in trouble, and Crawford makes a new friend
-It's What's Inside That Counts. Bodyswap fic!
-Things in Common. Crawford brings Bubba to Dan and Herbert's for dinner.
-Bedside Manner. Herbert has a cold, and Crawford comes to babysit.
-The Niceties of Synchronization. Herbert and Crawford's empathetic troubles come to a head.
-Glittering Cloud. Dan's go clubbing, much to Herbert's dismay.
-Money For Nothing. Jeanine comes to Arkham.

Miscellaneous one-shots
-A Hero's Reward. (From Beyond, Gen fluff(!))
-Awkwardness. (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy; Ford/Arthur)
-Room for One More. (Stargate: Atlantis; Beckett/Mckay)
-Midnight Snack. (Firefly; Gen silliness)
-There's Something About Casey. (Chuck; Casey/Anna)
-The UFO Affair. (The Man from UNCLE; Napoleon/Illya)
-Everything You Need to Know About Tentacle Porn. (Invisible Man; Fawkes/Hobbes)
-Subjection (Dark Shadows; Trask/Forbes PWP)

Technically, more fics can be found via my fic tag including meme-based fics and drabbles and unfinished works I decided not to archive here.

Fan Vids
Doctor Who
-You're My Best Friend.
Song by Queen (Three/Brig friendship)
-Dark Shines
Song by Muse ("Utopia" episode vid)
-House of Wolves
song by My Chemical Romance (Ten/Simm!Master. End of series 3)

Sapphire and Steel
-House of Leaves
song by Poe (weird song and series are weird)
song by Rhianna (show still fucked-up)

-Sam's Town
song by The Killers (Sherlock/John)
-New in Town
song by Little Boots (Sherlock/John)

Life on Mars
-Dream On.
song by Aerosmith. (Series 1 Gen)
-This Town's Religion.
song by The Delays (More series 1 Gen)
-Dance with the Devil.
song by Cozy Powell (Both series Gen)

Bleak House
-Beautiful Things
song by Andain (BBC 2005 series gen)
Stargate: SG1
song by Fiona Apple (Vala centric with Daniel/Vala)
song by The Servant (Movie Gen)
-Opportunites (Let's Make Lots of Money)
song by Pet Shop Boys (Series 1-2 Gen)
Hot Fuzz
song by Snow Patrol (Nicholas/Danny)
Strangers with Candy
-That's All
song by Genesis (Chuck/Geoffrey)
Dark Shadows
-John the Revelator
song by Depeche Mode (Trask!)
song by The Arctic Monkeys (season 1 Gen)
Iron Man
-Everything is Automatic
song by Matthew Good Band (first movie gen)
-Our Solemn Hour
song by Within Temptation (series gen)
Robin of Sherwood
-The Mayor
song by Rasputina (Robert de Rainoult centric w/ implied Sheriff/Guy)
Tron: Legacy
song by Poe (Gen)
song by The Beastie Boys (Gen)

Yes, I have also made more vids, but with years of being shoved around different websites, and losing a hard drive or two, I don't quite have everything easily available online anymore. May reupload some old SG1 vids in the future.

Photo Essays
The Life on Mars Slasher's Guide
Episode by episode break-down of how Sam and Gene are totally gay for each other.

The Man from UNCLE: Spy Boys in Bondage
How Napoleon and Illya are always getting trussed-up in new and exciting ways.

Re-Animator/Sherlock: Herbert West v Sherlock Holmes
Exploring the similarities between two of fiction's greatest sociopaths and their relationship with their roommates.
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