June 21st, 2007

overworked and all that

Morning Dose of Master (or afternoon depending...)

By request: Again from "The Sea Devils." The Master. The Doctor. They sword fight. It's hot. And damn, I forgot just really how bizzare and cracktastic the music is in this story.
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And finally moving on to my beloved Ainley!Master. Evil-Traken-Chic FTW. From "Logopolis." In order to save the Universe, the Doctor and the Master need to work together (hey without the Universe, what're you gonna rule, eh?).
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overworked and all that

Mastertastic Graphics

icons of Simm!Master, Ainley!Master, multiMaster
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3. 4. 5.

1. LULZ Calvin and Hobbes. Because omg city that keeps the fabirc of the univers together uses dot matrix printers!
3. & 4. "Sympathy for the Devil" - The Rolling Stones
5. Does not include Roberts!Master because he is not my Master

Desktop of Simm!Master

overworked and all that

Let's just get this one over with

Because this is going to hurt. Yes Ladies and Gents, it's Roberts!Master from the TV Movie. In all his...well, what's the oppossite of "glory"? But hey look! There's Eight! He's aaall tied up, as hawt Doctors should be. Also "Look at Grace, she's possessed by Evil, not Goodness!" is prolly my fave line.
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Tomorrow I promise Clangers, Five and Ainley, and for Saturday some AU Masters.

shessh, should just rename my LJ "The Master Channel: All Master, all the time"